Tote your Riviera essentials in a sunny beach bag from Olivia Kent. Former interior designer Sally Wilson has launched a line of tapestry bags that ooze the élan of the French Mediterranean. From $450 for the signature Côte d’Azur and
St.-Tropez bags, expect to spend like a bon vivant to buy one. (978) 741-4234,
— Elaine Glusac

Sand Cam
It’s a common dilemma for beachgoers. To get great sand-and-surf snapshots, you risk ruining an expensive digital camera. No worries. The Sony Cyber-shot U60 is a rugged, 2-megapixel, beach-ready model that can even take shots under­water (up to 5 feet). And at $250, it makes for a good day at the beach.
— Beth Snyder Bulik

You Missed A Spot
Beach boys have graduated. The work of porting tanning oils and mai tais has been professionalized at resorts from Barbados’ Fairmont Royal Pavilion to Maui’s Sheraton Resort, which employ beach butlers. Pros at the new Ritz-Carlton South Beach even carry holsters of sunscreen selections for on-command slathering. Hmm, what do ya tip for that?
— E.G.