If you thought fine glassware was just for beer, wine and spirits, think again. Riedel, a leading maker of crystal for nearly 300 years, brings something new to the table: curvy glasses, specifically designed to accommodate the world’s most popular soda, Coca-Cola. Part of the brand’s O Series (two for $25 at Bed Bath & Beyond), the voluptuous shape of the glass is the result of a rigorous evaluation by a tasting panel led by 10th-generation owner Georg Riedel. It’s reminiscent of the effervescent pop’s patented glass bottle, and it is the first time Riedel has made a functional glass for a nonalcoholic beverage. “The size and curvature of the bowl and rim diameter help blend to perfection the taste experience [of Coca-Cola’s] sweetness and spiciness.” Cheers to that! www.riedelusa.net