"It's a major celebration that stretches through downtown and makes a loop. It's a middle-of-the-night event on the day after Christmas and New Year's Day. It goes from like 1 or 2 in the morning until 6 or so in the morning. It's all soul-piercing, rhythmic music from cowbells to goatskin drums to … I'll put it this way, you cannot stand still in Junkanoo. I don't care if you're Bahamian or not. If you're a part of it and are there watching, you cannot stand still. You have to move your body. Everyone performs in such sync. It's the greatest expression of our country just to see the local people out there expressing their love for all things Bahamian."

What are your favorite beaches?
"Old Fort Beach is nice. But I grew up going to Montague Beach, which is right at the bottom of the hill from my house. That beach isn't eroded, but the water level has risen over the years and it's not the beach it used to be. It used to be 50 feet to the water. Now, it's like a jump off the street to the water. Cabbage Beach on the back of Paradise Island is the most beautiful beach in the world. You don't get the combination of water temperature year-round with the clarity anywhere else. For those who are a little uneasy about going in the ocean for whatever reason, you can see to the bottom. It's all just sand, and it's clean sand. Once again, the water has healing properties. You go and spend a few days at the ocean, and you just feel better."

Where do you go to hear live music?