I think the guidebook only gives three stars, tops.
"How could they have Graycliff with only one star? The Bahamian Club has two stars. It is continental cuisine. The restaurant is so good that when the Atlantis bought it from the Merv Griffin Paradise Island Resort & Casino, I don't think they touched the restaurant at all. They must have built around it. That restaurant is such a staple. Its reputation is so intertwined with the Bahamian experience. Like if you go to the Bahamas, you go there. There are Bahamian chefs and servers and maitre d's who've spent their whole lives there."

Is there a particular casino you like?
"Well, they all take my money. I'll make a deposit. But unlike Vegas, I never feel like I gave my money and never got anything in return. You can't feel like you lost when you spend the whole day in the water, out in the sun, doing the watersports, eating the food. I'm just biased. When you take a chance at the tables, you win or you lose. I've never felt like I've lost. Because I'm home hanging out."

What are the must-see sights in Nassau?
"If you like history, the old forts are really good. Like Fort Charlotte, which goes back to the 1700s and has dungeons and underground passages. I grew up in Fort Montague. They had different forts to protect the island against pirates. Today, they have the Pirates of Nassau museum, where you can learn all about that. There's also Junkanoo Expo, a museum dedicated to the Junkanoo festival, where you can see all of the costumes and floats."

What's Junkanoo?