What's Fish Fry?
"Fish Fry is the Bahamian version of, say, the fair. It's where the locals go on the weekends and eat local food. It's fresh food. [He leafs through the guidebook.] They don't say anything about Fish Fry here. It's very local."

Where would you take Vanessa for a romantic dinner?
"Graycliff. When a celebrity shows up in town and they want high-end, top-of-the-line presentation, food, and service, they go to Graycliff. It's downtown, in the Bay Street area. It's on a hill and is actually a part of an old hotel they've redone. They have a great wine cellar with more than 175,000 bottles of wine. They have cigars that they make, too."

Do they serve Bahamian food?
"Yeah, it's local Bahamian food, but it's done with a five-star presentation. The first time I went was with family members from Canada who came to town. I was only like 12. My dad and mom took me. I was like, 'Wow.' Graycliff was also the first place I took my wife when I came back after I had some money. Oh, she was quite impressed. She had been there before, like 10 years earlier, during her music career. To me, to go back on a date was a lot different than going with your mom and dad. The wine and a cigar - I felt like a big shot."

Where else did you go when you were growing up?
"My dad used to take my mom and me, and my brothers and sisters, for brunch at the Nassau Beach Hotel. Most of the restaurants and food experiences I had were at hotels like the old Paradise Island Resort & Casino, which Merv Griffin owned before it became the Atlantis. We would eat at the many different restaurants there. They still have the Bahamian Club in the Atlantis. It's a five-star restaurant. They've got it as a two-star in this guidebook. Maybe they got it backward."