Who's the first person you call when you get there?

"My dad. He's usually at the airport. And my mom. Then I rush from wherever I drop my bags to The Poop Deck, which is a restaurant/bar above the marina and right across the bay from the bridge in Nassau. It's what I have known all my life. It has a homey feeling for me. It's all things Bahamian: peas and rice, brown rice cooked with pigeon peas, with the Bahamian flavor. They have conch fritters, grouper, guava duff."

Guava what?
"Guava duff. It's a dessert. I have never cooked it myself. I have always just chased women who make it. I love my wife for making the attempt to make it, because it's difficult. I think a license comes with it; that you have to be Bahamian to make it. Anywhere else I've had it, if it isn't started on Bahamian soil, it just doesn't taste like guava duff to me. It's similar to an apple turnover with guava. There is this sauce, and some people make it with a trickle of rum in it, which, if you head to the islands, you know you can't escape rum hitting your palate at some point."

What would you be drinking at The Poop Deck?
"I grew up on Goombay Smash, which is like a soda. I am not a big soda drinker, but when I go home I drink about 10 or 12 of those in the span of like four days. It has nothing to do with anything other than that was my Coca-Cola growing up. If you have the desire to have a drink with alcohol, you're not going to escape the Bacardi family. And then there's a local beer called Kalik. Its alcohol content, the bang for your buck I should say, is pretty potent. You buy a three-pack instead of a six-pack. After The Poop Deck, we run to Fish Fry."