But size is deceptive. For the towering Rick Fox, these tiny islands have always been nothing short of paradise.

"I feel like I grew up on a boat, 21-by-7, filled with culture," he says.

Actually, he grew up on Johnson Road, on the eastern side of Nassau, where his mother and father and a sister still live. So it's only natural that the former first-round draft pick and his clan - including his wife, one-time Miss America turned singer/actress Vanessa Williams, and five kids - pack up and head for those 700 islands in the sun whenever they can. Here's where they go when they do.
Should we focus on Nassau, since it's the capital?
"Well, Nassau is home for me. But the Bahamas are so encompassing. I went to camp in Abaco. I've been to the Grand Bahamas. Each island brings its own spices of Bahamian culture to the table. The other islands are literally so close you could take a boat or puddle-jump to a number of the other islands."

Where do you stay when you're with the kids?

"The Atlantis. It's about as fun and family-friendly as you're going to get. I think it's the best resort in the Caribbean. I've been to Jamaica, Antigua, Barbuda, and other Caribbean islands, and in terms of entertaining your kids and allowing the adults to still be adults, which means being able to bask in the sun and also hitting the casino or sightseeing, this is it. They have a whole department set up there, basically like camp, where you send your kids. They pretty much wear them out for the whole day."

What about when it's just you and Vanessa?

"We tend to stay at the Ocean Club, which is owned by the same group that owns the Atlantis, and is nearby, so you share the amenities of Atlantis. The Ocean Club is for a quieter, more romantic getaway. It is obviously pricier; it's the high-end hotel."