These days, the way you care for your lawn and garden can be almost as green as the plants themselves. Just in time for Father’s Day, here are some great tools for tending to your backyard without trampling on the environment.

Remington Cordless Power Mower
Remington’s electric mower delivers a full hour on a single charge, and its powerboost can get you through any rough patches. So plug it in -- use a solar-powered outlet if you want to be really green -- and give that tall grass the business. $450.

Agri-Fab Push Lawn Sweeper
To help your hard-won lawn look its best, sweep up after yourself (and the trees and the squirrels) with this lightweight, fully adjustable push model. It’s not as fast as the gas-powered tractor version, but it beats raking -- and the only fuel it uses is yours. $100 to $149.

Lehman’s Rotary Cultivator (not shown)
Leave it to the Amish to build a non-motorized tool that works better than an engine-powered tiller. Lehman’s version breaks up and aerates soil, levels planting beds, and, when you flip it over, handles your weeding too. $150.

Garden Groom Pro Hedge Trimmer
This award winner shreds and vacuums your trimmings as fast as you can produce them, saving you time with the lawn sweeper or rake afterward. Plus, the concealed blade protects you from injury -- and ensures that you don’t trim right through the power cord. $199.

Grocor Grow More Root Feeder/Irrigator
Using a sprinkler to water shrubs and trees wastes a lot of water, and it can even lead to leaf diseases for certain plants and the need for chemical treatment. So save H2O and curtail the chemicals at once by watering the roots instead of the top of the soil. Use it to apply liquid organic fertilizers and organic soil amendments too. $50 to $80.

Black & Decker Rechargeable String Trimmer
This 36-volt bad boy can power through dense weeds just as well as its gas-powered competitors can -- but it runs on a high-tech battery. Plus, it doesn’t leave behind a stinky cloud of emissions. (In fact, you could drive your car for seven hours without emitting as much pollution as you’d create in one hour of using a gas-powered trimmer.) $250.

Sunlawn LMM40 Push Reel Mower
Not only is it peaceful on the ears, but this 19.3-pound beauty also comes with five blades, and they’re guaranteed to stay sharp for seven to 10 years. Even your old gas mower needed sharpening annually. $199.