Meet the man who invented the world’s first $20,000 suitcase. He’s Henk van de Meene, a Dutchman who built a real estate empire and who now aimsto negate every complaint about luggage. Called the Henk, appropriately enough, his bag is not only luxe, it’s engineered like a Ferrari: for speed and handling.

You’ve invented other things. Why did you choose to market this one?
On principle, I only invent things to make my life easier and healthier. When I traveled with the first Henk, people stopped me over and over to ask where I had purchased it, [so] I decided to develop it for the market.

Why the large price tag?
Henk needed to be extremely solid and lightweight. It had to be functional as well as comfortable. Finding the ultimate balance between these apparently contradictory demands took a long time, and the materials are expensive.

Have you sold any?
We have. To whom, we can’t say.

What’s your favorite feature of Henk?
Its center-of-gravity effect. No matter how you position Henk, or how much weight you are carrying, the center of gravity makes Henk seem weightless.

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