When we shop for laptops, the concept of “better, not bigger” always catches our eyes. That said, this CAMERA trio should turn more than a few heads.

FinePix 6800 Zoom ($899)
Real estate agents, sales managers, and executives should take a shine to this 3.3 megapixel powerhouse. The f/2.8 zoom lens, plus three metering and five exposure modes, make it easy to capture difficult shots. For videoconferencing, just pop the FinePix in its cradle and sync it to a PC. Later, you can follow up with clients or the home office via e-mail with either a 2.5-minute video montage or a package of narrated stills. The 6800 looks terrific, too: sleek, silver, and slim enough to tuck into a pocket or purse. (800) 800-3854
Olympus Brio D-100 (around $299)
On a tight budget — and in need of a camera that’s simple and to the point-and-shoot? The feathery (six ounces) new D-100 offers a speedy start-up (about one second), an even quicker shutter release, a USB connection, a two-frame-per-second “burst” mode for spontaneous shots, and an auto-focus lens with a digital 2x telephoto. The end result: crisp, clear images that can be transferred quickly to a PC for fliers, newsletters, and other promotional materials. (800) 622-6372
Samsung SC-D60 ($749)
This digital camcorder can create or capture presentations — or moments to remember — in the coolest ways. We like the 2.5-inch LCD monitor, which rotates for multiple angles, self-recording, and playbacks, and the freeze-frame photo mode that’ll surprise clients with instant stills. Another plus: A half-dozen special effects, such as negative, black-and-white, mosaic, and mirrored imaging, that jazz up plain footage. When you’re done, this palm-size wonder stores snugly in a briefcase or carry-on. (800) 726-7864