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RAY AND GENIE URICK are the latest winners of our Favorite Letter Giveaway. Want to win something as well? Write us a letter!

In our November 15 issue, RAY AND GENIE URICK, celebrating their 40th
anniversary with American Airlines and with each other, wrote in to share the news. To say congratulations, we're awarding them Codi's supercool Mobile Lite Wheeled Case, which includes four elasticized pockets for all those important documents and a convenient front pocket for easy storage of cell phones and boarding passes. The bag is also fitted with an ergonomic, telescoping curved handle to reduce weight. Visit www.codidirect.com.

I read with interest Dan Carlinsky's report on the new Parisian swimming pool ["Going Swimmingly," October 15], an attraction that I will definitely try out on my next visit to the City of Lights. On page 46, under the heading "If You Swim," it is stated: "Please note: All pools require swimmers to wear a swim cap." This note prompts me to tell the following story.