"i'm an old fogy. i actually have cd after cd of '70s stuff. the compilation tapes, you know. but somebody recently made me a mix of some pretty contemporary songs from these kind of hip groups. shoot, i don't know. [he calls to his assistant.] 'christy, what's the name of some of those groups i like on that cd i listen to all the time?' matchbox twenty. i listened to a cd from a group called crowded house when i drove down to san diego. from top to bottom. that covered the whole san diego trip."

what do you pack when you go to san diego?
"you never have to worry about the weather, so i don't pack an overcoat or sweater. i pack my golf shirts and my shorts. and a little bit of moisturizer. whatever my wife's using, i'll steal. some hair gel. a tongue scraper. and that's it."

a tongue scraper?
"of course. that's where the bad breath comes from."

he said...
ray romano's favorite san diego sights and sounds.

four seasons resort aviara

very expensive
(760) 603-6800

morgan run resort & club
(800) 378-4653

rancho valencia resort
very expensive
(800) 548-3664

the st. regis monarch beach resort & spa
very expensive
(800) 722-1543


continental, expensive
(949) 234-3325

a.r. valentien
californian, expensive
(858) 453-4420

café zucchero
italian, inexpensive
(619) 531-1731

el agave tequileria
mexican, moderate
(619) 220-0692