"I don't know if you can use this, but this is a true story. We were at the Four Seasons Aviara with our kids. I was doing my golf thing in the morning and my kids were going to the pool with the wife. My boys, you know, they're 10 years old and they're very competitive, so when I golf, they always ask me, 'Did you win, Dad? Did you win?' I try to tell them that in golf, even though you're playing with other people, for the most part you're just playing against yourself. You're not really competing with them. And they kind of get it and they don't. Well, that one morning I went to golf, and when I came back they were by the pool, surrounded by a lot of people, and one of my boys looks at me and yells, 'Dad, were you just playing with yourself?' Oh boy. So we changed hotels. True story."

Why do you keep going back to San Diego?
"It's fun and the weather's always good. San Diego is kind of like The Truman Show, when the guy says, 'Cue the sun!' "

on the road with ray romano

what do you never leave home without?
"my little pocket flashlight, because my wife likes to go to bed early. but me, i like to read or whatever, and with the lights on it pisses her off. sometimes i bring my portable dvd player, because, especially if i'm flying somewhere, even though they sometimes supply it or you can watch the movie on the plane, i like to be in control and stop and go and all that. and also in bed, sometimes. like i said, my wife goes to bed early and i can watch a little portable dvd and not have the tv on. i have the headphones on."

what's your favorite music to listen to when you're traveling?