"There's a great clubhouse at La Costa, the famous resort north of San Diego that has two 18-hole PGA courses and a great spa."

Patricia Heaton said she went to all these museums, like the Maritime Museum and the Aerospace Museum. Do you do any of that?
"I don't buy it that she did all that. She's always been more cultural and smarter than me, so I guess maybe it is true. But the Aerospace Museum would be more up our alley. It interests the kids more, because they're pilots. They're into anything flying, and there are probably a couple of old planes you can climb into. I don't know what kind of simulator you can get on in the Maritime Museum. There is the Museum of Man as well, which shows the whole history of man through the ages."

She said she also visited the 21 missions up and down the coast.
"She did that, too? And then what happened at night? She got drunk and punched a sailor in the mouth? I guess she could have done it all if it's in the course of a couple trips. In one trip? Well, if she had a time machine. It sounds good."

She said they also went to the Old Globe Theater, where they do Shakespearean and contemporary plays.
"She's showin' off now! That's what she's doing. She's trying to show off. Would I go? Yeah, sure. But I'd rather go to the Improv in Irvine and get up and tell jokes about diapers."

What's one of the most memorable things that's happened to you in San Diego?