Au gratin potatoes?
"No, no, no. What am I thinking of? Uh, I don't know, stuff my wife likes. Couscous and risotto and just fine food, you know. And rich and thick and fattening."

Where do you go if you don't want the au gratin?
"Nine-Ten is the hot spot, an organic, chef-run bistro. They get a lot of their produce from the nearby Chino Farm, which supplies the better restaurants of California. It's in The Grand Colonial Hotel in La Jolla, so you can go there after a day of shopping. The better Mexican place in town is El Agave. They have fancier Mexican food, instead of the typical enchiladas and tacos. The new W Hotel has Rice, a good place for lunch or dinner."

What about shopping? Where does your wife take you?
"A little shopping village [called The Village] in La Jolla. Yeah, with my wife, we couldn't not go there. Nearby there's Café Zucchero, a nice gelato shop run by this Italian gentleman. He and my wife start talking Italian. We were in Italy three or four years ago, my first time, and I fell in love with gelato. We've also been to Pacifica Del Mar, a great seafood restaurant that overlooks the water."

Any great bars or nightclubs you've been to?
"The Improv in Irvine is a great club. I've done guest spots and walk-ons. You know, just walk in unannounced and the manager lets me go on. They get a good, enthusiastic crowd and they run it well and probably fill it up every night."

Where do you head after a good game of golf?