"We've been there about three or four times. It's great because it's interactive, and the kids can build stuff. The best thing is where you build your own race car and race it against other kids who build their race cars, you know, with Lego parts. My kids just want to stay there all day and race other kids. They get to do something creative, something besides a video game. And they've got some roller coaster rides. But I think once you're over 10, you've kind of outdone Legoland."

So where do you go after you turn 10?

"SeaWorld, I guess. Or the San Diego Zoo. They've got a great zoo."

Where do you go to eat?
"The Hash House A Go Go. It's a trendy, kind of funky place to get your basic hamburgers and fries and all that stuff. And they've got music. It's a cool place to take the kids. It's loud in there. And that's something you need when you have four kids. One of the requirements of the restaurant is the acoustics. If it's loud, it can take the kids screaming. If it's quiet, then we are gonna echo through the place, and then we're in trouble."

What other restaurants do you like?
"The St. Regis Monarch Beach, which is farther north of San Diego, near Laguna Niguel, is a great hotel with a great pool area and nice golf course, [and] has a wonderful restaurant called Aqua. It's got a nice ambience to it, and they've got the, oh, I don't know, the food my wife likes. You know, the fancy crap."

You mean California cuisine?
"Yeah. What's it called? I'm going to sound ignorant. The au gratin."