What were those two resorts like?

"Morgan Run is kind of understated. But it's nice, and it's right on the golf course. It's not a big hotel. It's got, what do you call it, one level of rooms. Villas, I guess. And a pool. We go down, and my wife stays by the pool and I play in the tournament, and it's a fun time. The golf course is kind of forgiving for a high handicapper like me. I just went to the Rancho Valencia Resort last week, actually. We had a room overlooking a nice mountainside, or hill. It's in an area called The Grove, and all the rooms have sunset views and Jacuzzis. It's kind of, what's the style, Mediterranean. Right up my wife's alley. I can always tell when something's up my wife's alley when I get there. And that's the key factor, you know. Because if she doesn't like it …"

Then you don't get to play golf, right?
[Grunt of assent]

Your costar Patricia Heaton talked with us last year about San Diego. Do you ever travel with your costars?

"We did a SeaWorld trip with all our writers and kids. We took a bus. That was tons of fun. We got to swim with the dolphins. We put on wetsuits and went in, and they'd swim up and you'd pet them, and they'd splash you, and you'd kiss them and that kind of stuff. And then there were a couple of rapids rides and a couple of great aquariums to see. There's also the Wild Animal Park. You take a tram that goes around and you see all the animals and you got your monkeys looking at their monkeys. Anything that can entertain the kids and kill time is a plus. And, of course, there's Legoland."

Tell us about Legoland.