The Emmy winner heads to this sunny spot for some precious time on the golf course. But he also manages to slip in some quality time with the wife and kids.
Ray Romano has a secret. Just don't tell his wife. ? The star of the hit sitcom Everybody Loves Raymond enjoys weekend getaways to San Diego. Sometimes he and his wife, Anna, drive down from L.A. with their four kids. Sometimes they go alone. But each time, Ray has one thing on his mind: golf.

So what's the problem? His wife isn't interested in golf. Ray says his precious few hours on the area's stellar golf courses take considerable planning - and subterfuge - to finagle. So late Friday, they'll check into one of the area's resorts, and then Ray typically heads for the golf course at 6:30 the next morning, tiptoeing out so his wife can sleep in. By the time she awakens, kind, thoughtful Ray has scheduled her for a half-day at the spa. "I know that's the only way I can get out to golf, to make sure she has something," he says.

"Because if you don't have anything planned for her, what happens?" I ask.

"No," he says. "That's trouble."

"She'll get a massage at 10, a facial at 11:30, then a pedicure
or whatever," he continues. "And by the time she's through, I'm back. It's 1:30 or so. I want to watch football and she wants to shop, so we shop. That's it. That's our weekend."