You’re considering calling in the experts to revamp your business wardrobe. How do you get started? To squelch any doubts first-timers may have, personal tailor Gary Franzen advises that initial orders be small, “perhaps a sport coat, so the customer can get comfortable and sample the product.” Below are our picks for some of the best places to try.

Custom Clothing Ltd., Los Angeles. Reach Gary Franzen at (818) 314-0833 or pager, (213) 689-0632

Jack Simpson for Oxxford Clothes, New York. (212) 593-0204

Martinez Custom Clothier, Baton Rouge, Louisiana. (225) 928-9107
Montalvo on Montana, Santa Monica, California.

R.W. Furr Clothiers, Dallas. (214) 357-2545,

Savile Row Custom Clothiers, St. Louis. (314) 567-8500

Tom James Co., locations worldwide. (800) 625-2228 ext. 2407,