But for most clients of fashion consultants, it's the combination of expert advice, convenience, and fit that keeps them coming back, Franzen says. "My best customer is the guy who just enjoys the convenience of knowing he can pick up the phone, pick out a fabric, and get a garment that fits him the way it's supposed to."

William Kissel is Fashion Editor at The Robb Report and a contributor to the Los Angles Times and The Dallas Morning News.

Just like most clothing, personal tailors and fashion consultants can be found across a broad range of prices.

Most personal tailors charge nothing for their services, but make their money off the clothing you buy. Some will visit your office twice a year, others four times a year, and all will come more often if necessary.

Image consultants unaffiliated with particular clothing companies - who help organize closets, identify wardrobe needs, and shop for you - charge fees, perhaps $50 for an initial consultation (more for a closet makeover) and 20 percent of the cost of clothing purchased on your behalf; the clothing will not be custom-tailored.

The range of prices for custom-made clothing is broad, depending on the styles and fabrics chosen. Here is a list of prices for typical items purchased by businesspeople:

Suits, $500 to $3,000. Up to $15,000 in limited edition luxury fabrics. Formal wear, add $100 to $200.

Sport coats, around two-thirds the price
of a suit.

Trousers, about one-third the price of a suit.

Topcoats, $995 to $1,995 and up.

Ties, $85 on average.