Some fare demands you eat it out.

Sushi? Check. Oysters? Yep. And duck? Well, now that you mention it, it can be scarce at the grocery. Luckily, duck’s running rampant on plenty of restaurant menus.

It goes casual at Scottsdale’s Zinc Bistro (480-603-0922) as a crispy duck confit sandwich.

At Sammy’s Woodfired Pizza (; 13 locations), you can enjoy duck tacos.

It’s stuffed into sausage at Parcel 104 (408-970-6104) near San Jose, and made into prosciutto that’s wrapped around duck foie gras at ­Rattlesnake Restaurant (760-775-5566) near Palm Springs.

Jack Falstaff (415-836-9239) in San Francisco serves Liberty Liver Duck Flan “crème caramel.”

And Caprial Bistro (503-236-6457) in Portland, Oregon, uses duck eggs in its homemade pasta for richer-than-chicken-egg flavor.