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Former Army Capt. Nick Palmisciano and his Durham, N.C.–based apparel company, Ranger Up, are making patriotism fashionable.

Established in response to a wave of anti-American sentiment that Palmisciano felt while attending a prestigious graduate school in the South, Ranger Up proves there’s nothing wrong with being a flag-waving patriot. And, with its witty slogans and creative graphics, Ranger Up makes national pride hip to wear — regardless of your political leanings. The company’s “Unapologetically American” line even inspired pop singer Ayla Brown to write a song of the same name. While Ranger Up is owned and operated entirely by military veterans and donates a large portion of its proceeds to Soldiers’ Angels, the lasting contribution to the troops is that the store is making it (more than) cool to wear an American flag. www.rangerup.com