All of which is good news for the Valdez family. Because while Randy is doing well, his kid sister Vanessa also has cystic fibrosis and is now on the transplant waiting list herself, her family anxiously waiting for that life-giving telephone call.

become an organ donor
each year, more than 5,500 people die while on waiting lists for an organ transplant. that’s about 15 a day. you can help by becoming an organ donor yourself. but deciding isn’t enough. the most important step is to inform your family of your decision, because while it’s great to carry an organ donor card, few physicians will overrule a family’s objection to organ donation. if you’ve already told them what you want, they’ll be much more likely to observe your wishes. request a free information packet from the coalition on donation by calling (800) 355-7427 or visiting for links to information on organ donation worldwide, visit, the web site for the united network for
organ sharing. — r.m.