Cyberboy PA-100 ($399)
This aptly dubbed, multitalented “boy” sports enough cool features to thrill any gadget geek. Of course you can keep your daily schedule and contacts, and your e-mail syncs with MS Outlook. But listen to these goodies: a built-in digital camera and voice recorder, and even an on-board MP3 player. Picture using CyberBoy to put together multimedia product demos and presentations. And then rock on with your MP3s afterward.

Diamond Mako ($399)
With its chic chrome-and-black casing and clamshell design, you might write the Mako off as just another looker. Wrong. Flip open the cover, and you’ll discover a full keyboard and 16MB of RAM. Dash off a memo or spreadsheet, and you can transfer the document — formatting and all — to a PC or laptop, wirelessly. All the usual calendars, clocks, and such are here, too, plus short messaging via GSM phone. The optional 56K modem ($129) lets you use the PDA’s browser to surf the Web.

PC-EPhone (around $1,500 - $1,900)
Your motto: You can never have too much of a wireless thing. If the phrase fits, the PC-EPhone is just the ticket. Packed inside its 5 x 4-inch frame is an Internet-ready PC with 16MB of RAM; a cell phone and stylus handset; an interactive personal organizer; a car navigation system; multimedia software for WebTV, MP3s, games, and streaming video; a Bluetooth chip for cable-free communicating; and a crisp, 4-inch color display screen. Got all that?