These mini-notebooks make a big splash.

At less than 10 inches wide, this new notebook arrives decidedly petite in stature but packing smarts aplenty for a snazzy presentation: a 600 MHz PIII processor; both a keyboard and touch screen; 128MB of RAM (expandable to 256); up to 30GB of storage; and an external CD-ROM drive. Another plus: a built-in security panel to help prevent info theft. Afterward, this slimster tucks comfortably into a purse or briefcase. (877) 372-3473

Students, law enforcement, and claims adjusters should like the dual-natured display on this 3.3-pound delight. Indoors, the DayLite produces crisp, backlit images in XGA resolution. Outside, the reflective, 10.4-inch SVGA screen saves energy, yet still drives sharp colors in the brightest sun. Either way, there’s plenty of punch (a 600MHz Transmeta processor, 128MB of RAM, and both CD-ROM and floppy drives) and battery power to work untethered for up to eight hours. (888) 632-8701

TOSHIBA LIBRETTO L2 (around $1,999)
Need Ethernet? How about a heap of memory (up to 256MB RAM), plus slots for PC cards and add-ons? This little powerhouse offers all that in a package that’s light (2.4 pounds) and thin enough to stand full on a tray table, then stash snugly in your overcoat. You’ll love the 10-inch, SXGA (1280 X 600 pixels) screen and the (optional) enhanced battery even more: Its 11-14 hours of juice can power you straight from L.A. to London. (800) 711-6277