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So, how did you like the respite you got from my usual rantings last issue? Did you love it? Did you miss me? Never mind. Don’t answer those. The important thing is that I’m back. And not only am I back, but I also have a sweepstakes to tell you about. In case you haven’t been paying attention, American Airlines is expanding its international service. We’ve already begun flying to Barcelona and Milan! And this month, we add Moscow to our list of destinations. I don’t know whether I’ll be able to swing a trip there before the end of the year, but I’m sure going to try. And you should too!

To help you with that, we’re offering a chance to win a trip for two just by going to www.americanwaymag.com and entering the Fly to Moscow sweepstakes before June 14 at 11:59 p.m. (Central time). If you’re the lucky winner, you’ll receive two round-trip coach tickets to Moscow. (There is, of course, more legalese, but you can find that in the rules on our website.)

And whether or not you win those tickets, we’ve got plenty of great information about Russia’s capital city. AA Chairman and CEO Gerard Arpey shares his thoughts on our new service and Moscow locals give you their insider tips on what to see and do while you’re there. Whether you buy a ticket or are given one, Moscow is a destination well worth looking into.

Something else well worth looking into is the reader survey you recently completed for us. We got so many great ideas from you, I don’t even know where to begin. But I can tell you that based on your feedback, you should be wildly interested in the stories in this issue.

Overwhelmingly, you told us that you’re interested in travel stories and golf, golf, golf (as well as articles on sports, exercise, and technology).

So, for your reading pleasure, we bring you the NBA Entertainment League, which I’m betting many of you have never even heard of. Our writer and photographer got an exclusive look at the celebrities who play in this league and spent a couple of weekends watching them in action.

We also have a story about something you might be a little more familiar with: golf in California’s Palm Springs area. But are you up-to-date on all the changes and improvements that have been going on there?

In the tech department, we have a story on the outcome of the Blu-ray versus HD DVD showdown. Now that the field has narrowed to one format, you’ll want to know what that means for you.

Finally, in addition to lots of travel, food, product, and entertainment news in our UpFront and DownLow sections, we bring you a story on Rat Island, off the coast of Alaska. This may not be on your list of places to visit -- in fact, we discovered it’s no easy chore to get there -- but there are fascinating things going on in this remote part of the world, things that could have a global impact one day soon.

I wish I could write more, and I know some of you will be disappointed that this column is only about the issue in your hands, but I’m busy, busy, busy! Coming up, we have the kickoff of the seventh annual Road Warrior Search (July 1) and our annual Green Issue (July 15). So stay tuned and keep in touch.

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