1. The number of seconds in a week (604,800) is larger than the number of feet in 100 miles (528,000).

2. a) Daisy, dismay b) Pecan, encamp c) Alias, salami d) Peony, eponym

3. 15 cents (5 cents per syllable)

4. Aspired, despair

5. Kevin is 12 and Mary is 5. An algebraic equation to solve this problem is: 4(M–2)=M+7.

Bonus Answer: Venice, Italy; Basel, Switzerland; Warsaw, Poland

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QUESTION: The airport code for the most cities is either an abbreviation of the city, the area or the name of the airport. Why is the Newark International Airport EWR?

ANSWER: Those three letters are taken from Newark, but the reason something else had to be used is that the symbol NEW had already been assigned to New Orleans Lakefront Airport.