1. 51 (1000/20+1=51). You divide by 20 because 1/5X1/2X1/2=1/20.

2. The letter “e,” the most commonly used letter of the alphabet, appears nowhere in the sentence.

3. 5. (Divide the first number by the second and add 1.)

4. Dan won 12 games, Jon won four and Mike won two.

5. “There aren’t many people here at the beach,” Tom said coldly.

6. a) Coot, scoot b) Lick, slick

7. Lament, mantel

Bonus Answer: 63,145. (If the second digit of the number is B, then we can determine from the question that formulas for the digits in order are: 2B, B, B-2, 2B-2 and 2B-1. Since the sum of the digits is 19, we have the equation 8B–5=19. Solving, B=3. The number is 63,145.)

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QUESTION: Activities that were once commonly allowed in air travel are no longer permitted. In 1997, American Airlines instituted a ban on what activity?

ANSWER: American Airlines banned smoking.