Mensa Quiz

1. Bare, bear; hale, hail; paws, pause
2. Three (airman, marine, remain)
3. 1, 52 (8x8=64; 64-13=51; 51+1=52)
4. New York. (All the others are capitals.)
5. Stamps in red sock. (Read the letters vertically, the first three columns bottom to top and the last two top to bottom.)
6. Beth (Jean, Roger, Cindy, Rose, Beth)
7. There were four tanks.
8. $64 ($32+$8=$40, leaving $24; $12+$2=$14, leaving $10; $5+$1=$6, leaving $4)

Bonus Question Answer: 62 (the days of the month doubled)
Trivia Question: In 1939, American Airlines became the first airline to provide a new type of airport service for regular customers. What did it do?
Answer: Opened the first Admirals Club at LaGuardia Airport (Fact check)

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