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Mensa Quiz
1. 150 (15,000÷2= 7,500; 7,500÷10=750; 750÷5=150)
2. Delight, lighted
3. An hour and a half. (Each packer can pack six boxes per hour. Four packers can pack 24 in one hour and 12 additional boxes in half an hour.)
4. Betty (Betty, Carol, Elsie, Alice, Dennis)
5. Choreographically
6. Contemplate; 1) con, 2) template
7. P (sophistry)
8. “I’ve never seen such a magnificent diamond in a museum,” said Tom hopefully.
9. End (endless, endure, endorse, ending)
Bonus Answer: Go, a board game that originated in China more than 2,500 years ago and is played by millions of people worldwide

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