1. Cart (cartridge, cartoon, cartilage, cartel)
2. Roust, routs, torus, tours. (Less-common words include stour and sutor.)
3. The number is 423,157. If the second digit of the number is B and the fourth is D, then we can determine from the question that formulas for the digits in order are: 2B, B, 2B-1, D, D+4 and 2B+3. Since the last digit is five more than the second digit, we can write the equation 2B+3=B+5. Solving, B=2. Using this and the fact that the sum of the digits is 22, we can then find that D=1.
4. a) Gander, wander b) Cringe, fringe c) Ground, around
5. J and S. (Skip two between the letters listed.)
6. Four, foul, fool, foot, fort, fore, fire, five

Bonus Answer: Accruals

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QUESTION: On Jan. 25, 1959, American Airlines became the first airline to offer coast-to-coast jet service. Which aircraft was used?

ANSWER: a Boeing 707