1. d) England is a country; the others are cities. a) Chicago, b) Cleveland, c) Zurich
2. Earns, nears, saner, snare. (An uncommon word is nares.)
3. c) Tender (Each word begins with the last two letters of the previous word)
4. Parrot, hawk, thrush
5. Antediluvian (or more obscurely, antidilution)
6. Tom is 4; Ellen is 11. (The two algebraic equations are 2T = E – 3 and 2(E + 10) = 3(T + 10).)
7. They lived happily ever after.

Bonus Answer: 3 (In each row, add the first two numbers and take the square root of their sum to get the third number.)

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QUESTION: In 1961, flight attendants (then known as “stewardesses”) working for American Airlines were immortalized. In what way did that happen?

ANSWER: There was an American Airlines Barbie doll released.