1. Ten (tenant, tendon, tenure)
2. a. Panther b. 1) Pant 2) Her
3. Twenty-seven inches. The material is 18 inches long, or 9 inches plus 9 inches (half of 18). The length of the material plus half its own length is 18 inches (plus 9 inches, or 27 inches).
4. A fool and his money are soon parted.
5. Caper, crape, pacer, recap
6. Correct
7. There were 30 of each coin.

Bonus Answer: 567,123. (If the digits are ABCDEF, we are told that C=B+1 and C=B+D. The only way this could work is if D=1. This makes the last three digits 123. Since we are told that B=D+E+F, we calculate that B=6, and the first three digits are 567.)

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QUESTION: In 1936, American Airlines Chairman C.R. Smith wanted to recognize the airlines’ most loyal supporters. How did he do that?

ANSWER: By creating Admiral’s Clubs.