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Mensa Answers

1. English, shingle
2. JUMP, LUMP, LAMP, LAME, LANE, LANK, BANK, BALK, WALK. (There may be other ways.)
3. L. (The sequence is: THIS IS A PUZZLE, spelled with alternating letters left to right and then starting the sequence again by inserting alternate letters.)
5. 74,218
6. My favorite place in the whole word is Tahiti. Denmark is too cold. (Code: A=Z, B=A, C=B, etc.)
7. Inseparable, sepal, antiseptic
8. $60 [$60/2=$30; $30+$2=$32, leaving $28; $28/2=$14; $14+$2=$16, leaving $12; $12/2=$6; $6+$2=$8, leaving $4]
9. Tennis
10. His uncle

Bonus Answer

Ethan Allen

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