Crossword Answers

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Mensa Answers

1. Ann (or Anne), Earl, Sal, Al, Ari, Bart, Art, Erv, Vic
2. Resident, inserted
3. 1) Unfinished symphony; 2) potatoes (eight o’s)
4. 59. (If it were one number more, it would be evenly divisible by 4, 5, and 6.)
5. Helplessness
6. 180. (One-half plus one-quarter left 45: the 25 sold earlier and the 20 left. That means 45 equals one-fourth.)
7. Dinosaurs. (The missing letter is u.)
8. Love, Hove, Have, Hate. (There may be other ways.)
9. KL. (All the other letters have curved lines. KL has only straight lines.)

Bonus Answer

Daguerreotype (named for French artist and chemist Louis J.M. Daguerre, the creator of the process)
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