Mensa Quiz

The number is 78,134. (If the first digit is A, then the second digit is A+1. Since the second digit is the sum of the first and third digits, the third digit must be 1. We can determine from the other clues that formulas for the digits in order are: A, A+1, 1, 3, A-3. Since the sum of the digits is 23, we have the equation 3A+2=23. Thus, A=7.)
2. Pansy
3. His sister. (Patrick’s sister’s husband’s mother-in-law is Patrick’s mother, and his mother’s husband’s daughter is Patrick’s sister.)
4. Salesmen, lameness
5. Prove, rove; plate, late
6. Three (one diamond, one emerald and one ruby)
7. “I used to be an Olympic sports star,” said Tom jumpily.

BONUS QUESTION: He’s a bull in a china shop.

TRIVIA QUESTION: In 2011, American Airlines became the first U.S.-based carrier to initiate service between Los Angeles and this city in Asia. Which city is it?
ANSWER: Los Angeles and Shanghai