Mensa Quiz

1. $7,000. Surprisingly, you don’t have to know how many new members there are among the 500 in order to solve this problem. The calculation is R=$14(N)+$20(0.7)(T – N).
2. “The New Corker” (The New Yorker), “Southern Diving” (Southern Living), “Polling Stone” (Rolling Stone)
3. 135,791. (The first five digits increase by twos so the only possibility for them is 13,579. Since the first digit equals the last digit, the answer is 135,791.)
4. a) carmine b) 1. car 2. mine
5. The (therein, theory, theology, theme)
6. a) bandstand b) mustard c) commando d) sadden e) colonel f) sharpened

Bonus Question: 1) suite, quite 2) squad, squid 3) field, fiend

AA Trivia Question: In the spring of 1982, American Airlines launched service between two cities nearly 5,000 miles apart. What were the cities?
Answer: D-FW and London 

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