Mensa Quiz

1. Epithelial
2. Lilies. (Susan likes things that start with the same pair of letters twice.)
3. 11 and 10. (An algebraic equation is 2F+(F-1)=32.)
4. 13,594. (If the first digit is “A,” then we can determine that formulas for the digits are: A, A+2, A+4, 3A+6, 3A+1. “A” cannot be as large as 2, as the fourth “digit” would be 12. So, A=1.)
5. Dater, rated, trade, tread, derat, tared
6. “These shades will have to be removed because they are much too dark,” said Tom lightly.
7. Four. (Six bakers make 12 pizzas in two hours, so six bakers make 24 pies in four hours, two bakers make eight pies in four hours and four bakers make 16 pies in four hours.)
8. Flags
9. His mother. (His only brother’s wife’s mother-in-law is his brother’s mother, who is also his mother.)

Bonus Question: 
Answer: Checkers ( Jerry likes games that allow him to be seated while he plays.)

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Trivia Question

Most airport codes are an abbreviation of the area (DFW for Dallas/Fort Worth, etc.). Why is ORD the airport code for Chicago O’Hare?

Answer: In 1949, the Chicago City Council renamed Orchard Field as Chicago-O’Hare International Airport to honor naval aviator Lt. Cmdr. Edward H. “Butch” O’Hare, a Medal of Honor recipient from Chicago who died in World War II.