Shtick: Companies must constantly re-engineer their core processes to keep up with the rapid pace of change.
Bio: Hammer's book Reengineering the Corporation launched the enormous re-engineering craze of the early 1990s. The book provided a practical blueprint for how companies can manage change and emerge highly competitive in a rapidly changing world. It built on the ideas of productivity pioneer Peter F. Drucker by extending his concepts to virtually all avenues of the corporation. However, it didn't take long for Hammer's ideas to become synonymous with downsizing and layoffs. Today, Hammer remains enormously popular. More than 2,500 executives a year enroll in his courses.
Books:The Agenda: What Every Business Must Do to Dominate the Decade (2001), Beyond Reengineering (1996), Reengineering the Corporation (1993)

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Born: 1943
Pedigree: Professor, Harvard Business School
Education: MA and PhD, sociology/social psychology, University of Michigan
Speaking Fee: Selectively accepts speaking engagements
Shtick: "Thinkers, makers, and traders are the DNA of the world-class company."
Bio: In a field where men dominate, Kanter has emerged as one of the most powerful and persuasive thinkers of the era. In 1986, she became one of the first tenured professors at Harvard Business School and served as editor of the Harvard Business Review from 1989 to 1992. Kanter is known for somewhat utopian views and a penchant for tackling softer issues, but she backs her writing up with mountains of research. Much of Kanter's focus centers on innovation and empowerment - with a close eye on "change-­masters," "change-resisters," and "confidence."