joshua moon wilkins

Formed when its members were teenagers in 2006, indie band The Weeks — featuring twins Cain and Cyle Barnes, Sam Williams, Damien Bone and Alex Admiral Collier — got its start playing in dive clubs in the guys’ hometown of Jackson, Miss. With a sound based on its surroundings and rooted in rock ’n’ roll, the band’s new album, Dear Bo Jackson (Serpents and Snakes, $14), is reminiscent of another group of sons of the South, Kings of Leon, whose label the band is signed to. Founding member and lead guitarist Williams talks instinct and inspiration.

On having twin brothers in the band:
“They’re the closest set of twins I’ve ever known. They’ve never spent more than three days [in a row] apart in 22 years, so verbal communication is obsolete. It also allows for the crowning achievement of beating out the Bee Gees for most records sold by a band with twins. Facetiously, that’s our sole dream and aspiration.”

On getting involved with the Kings of Leon label:
“Our manager knew the label’s A&R guy and told him to come to our Nashville show [in 2011]. After meeting him and the Kings guys, we knew it was a great fit. I can’t say enough about how great those guys have been.”

On the band’s influences:
“It’s pretty unanimous within the band that The Band is the most appropriately named band of all time. There were a lot of bands that had virtuosos, but in every song they’d remind you that they’re virtuosos. The Band always focused on playing the parts that were best for the songs as a whole.”