“Machu Picchu is a sacred place for all Quechua people,” Toledo says as his wife and a local shaman walk over to a granite outcropping where they kneel to placate the gods with an offering of maize and chicha. “I was inaugurated President of Peru on this very spot,” he whispers as he stands in the center of an ancient city plaza surrounded by mountains whose sides drop precipitously to the foaming Urubamba below. “I hope people will come to Peru, enjoy our culture, look for adventure, and perhaps do some exploring on their own. Machu Picchu is only part of what Peru has to offer.”

beyond iquitos, there are no power lines or cellphone an­tennas. instead, there are women in grass skirts and old men with pet anacondas.

  • president alejandro toledo’s “royal tour” of peru will appear november 16 on the travel channel at 10 p.m. est.
  • american airlines offers daily nonstop flights to lima, peru, departing from dallas and miami.