that's the thinking behind a growing number of executive edu-cation programs at business schools around the country. the university of georgia enlisted the help of the law firm powell goldstein frazer & murphy to create directors college, a program designed to teach corporate boards of directors about compliance and ethics.

the beard center for leadership in ethics at duquesne university in pittsburgh offers a number of programs for executives seeking an ethical education.

and the robert h. smith school of business at the university of maryland, well-known for its focus on mba ethics, also offers a certificate ethics program for directors, officers, managers, and partners. the customizable curriculum sometimes includes a visit to a federal prison, so students can see what happens if ethics aren't observed.

"that's one of the most effective parts of the program," says william shepherd, a fellow at the smith school and a former prosecutor in miami, florida. "the executives can see firsthand the pitfalls of their actions, can see people just like them who have pictures of their families in their wallets. it has a huge impact on the students." -

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to find out more about ethics programs for mba students and executives, follow these web links:

wharton school at university of pennsylvania
offers ethics concentration for mba students.

mendoza school at university of notre dame
ethics ranks as one of the school's top five areas of study.

mccallum graduate school of business, bentley college
part of the mission at this well-regarded "information age mba" school is graduating "socially responsible and ethical citizens of the workplace."