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Regardless of the fact that we find ourselves living in the digital age — and the concept of actually sitting down, writing a letter and then mailing said letter has become as archaic as a horse-drawn carriage — when something as cool as these Penguin postcards comes along, you can’t help but want to grab a pen and jot something (anything!) down on one of them, throw a stamp on it and mail it to the first person you can think of. The postcards are that inspiring. (The cleverly crafted box that houses them — designed to look like a book, right down to the lid that flips open like one — only adds to the appeal.) Of course, they’re so inspiring, they may also make you want to hoard them all and tack them up on your wall just so you can stare at them. And, you might find yourself heading to the bookstore to buy all the books you just remembered you hadn’t read. Not that we did any (OK, we did them all) of these things … we’re just saying you might. Postcards from Penguin: One Hundred Book Covers in One Box, $25, www.penguin.com