In honor of the show’s fourth season, Portlandia co-creators CARRIE BROWNSTEIN and FRED ARMISEN dish on the best spots in town.

Is Portland, Ore., really as cool as its namesake sketch-comedy TV series makes it out to be? On Portlandia, Saturday Night Live alum Fred Armisen and indie-rock legend Carrie Brownstein affirm that reputation as much as they mock it.

For three years, the show has consistently chastised the city’s hip stereo­types — organic food, marathon TV watching, folk music, bicyclists, local crafters — while still making the program’s setting look like a wonderful place to visit. Although Armisen admits that this season of Portlandia “explores the notion of what ‘getting away’ means,” the show mostly stays put in the city.

Thankfully, the duo has invited another slew of talented guest stars to visit, from comedians Jason Sudeikis and Maya Rudolph to musicians Tunde Adebimpe (from the band TV on the Radio) and k.d. Lang. (The duo notes that Lang is a relatively new Portland resident.)

Boke Bowl
Courtesy Boke Bowl
To celebrate the fourth season, Portlandia’s co-creators share their favorite city spots that they haven’t gotten around to mocking on the air. Not yet, anyway.

1028 SE Water Ave.

4605 NE Fremont St.

CARRIE BROWNSTEIN: There are too many great restaurants to name, but these are two of my favorites. I’d rather eat at either than film at them, mostly because a meal and atmosphere are a nice respite from our shooting schedule.

1844 SW Morrison St.

FRED ARMISEN: It’s the soccer stadium for [Major League Soccer’s] Portland Timbers. Their fans, the Timbers Army, are like nothing I’ve seen before. It’s insane and amazing. They even bring their own marching drums.

Two locations: 802 SW 10th St. and 5347 NE Sandy Blvd.

CB: They make their own syrups, so you feel slightly less ridiculous ordering something with vanilla or caramel. But a simple macchiato, Americano or iced coffee from there is also splendid. The staff at Case Study are some of the few people who know I am guilty of wearing the same clothes for a week in a row. Sorry, guys.

1465 NE Prescott St.

FA: A lot of care is put into this drummer store, created by drummers who truly love vintage drums. Beautiful kits that all sound great.

NW 29th Ave. and Upshur Street to Newberry Road

SE 60th Ave. and Salmon Street

CB: We haven’t explored nature too much on Portlandia, whereas Portland is brimming with it. I spend a lot of time hiking, walking and bicycling in and around the city. Mount Tabor is stunning.