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Perfectly situated near the mountains,the ocean, and the desert, slightlyfunky Portland is naturally eclectic. Known for a thriving art scene some gullet-pleasing microbreweries, and a climate that grows the world's most gorgeous roses, this vital city also boasts some rubberneck-worthy architectural gems that we think you ought to see.

By Becca Hensley

Michael Graves's Portland Building, 1980
Like the witty teapots Graves designs for Target, this postmodern office building bears classical references and grandiose adornment. A robust structure awash with small, square windows, it has blues, browns, and dusty reds that dramatize its vanilla-colored background, and a whimsical concrete garland adds élan. Controversial from the beginning, the Portland Building has its naysayers, who note its structural and stylistic flaws (such as cracks in upper floors and small, drab work spaces). Regardless, at the time of its completion, then-mayor Frank Ivancie referred to it as "Portland's Eiffel Tower." 1120 SW Fifth Avenue.