When drinking beer, the term “socially responsible” isn’t exactly one that comes to mind. But Portland Brewing Company is out to change that. First, the company released the infamous California Governator Ale, a humorous tribute to the state’s new governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger. It featured a Pumping Iron label and brought Democrats and Republicans together in their appreciation of the bitter ale’s flavor. Now the brewing company is reaching out to wildlife — sea turtles to be exact — with its Hawaiian Honu Beer (which is only available in Hawaii). A generous portion of the beer’s proceeds goes to the World Turtle Trust, a nonprofit organization fighting for the preservation of endangered sea turtles. The crisp, refreshing flavor calls to mind that island feeling, and, after you’ve drunk a few, the swimming turtle you see through the clear bottle will say thank you — literally. Honu
Beer, $6.99 per six-pack at Hawaii Safeways, Foodlands, and 7-Elevens.