Multi-tasking is the latest buzzword in modern life. One problem: Research shows it's better to do just one thing
I've got this study that's about...

Just a minute. Be right back. Gonna check out the fridge.

Hmmmm. Pasta. I forgot we had this. I'll just have a little bite, see if it's OK for dinner. Um. Not bad.

OK. Where was I? Oh, yeah. The university study. Actually, there are two of them. They say that …

Y'know, I ought to call the plumber before I forget. "Hello? Yeah, I have this drain that's been clogging up. When do you think you might be able to send somebody out here?

"Uh-huh. Yeah. OK. Good. Tomorrow morning? Perfect. I'm busy today, so, yeah, tomorrow's perfect."

Now, then, these studies.

Apparently, they were looking into the way the brain functions when …

This coffee is cold. I'm going to get another cup.

Ahhhhh. Boy, nothing like a good cup o' joe.

All right. The studies. It seems that what they did was … What they did was? What kind of sentence construction is that? Jeez. Am I in the eighth grade? What they did was!?

What was it they did, anyway? Let me find the newspaper that that article was in.

Here it is.

Huh! Would you look at that? They passed that ordinance requiring no-smoking sections in your home if you have pets. Oh, and would you look at this. I didn't know that What'shisname, the actor, was seeing What'shername, the actress. Who'd-a thunk?

All right. Enough. The article about the studies. It was in this section, I'm sure of it.

Yes. Here it is. University researchers blah, blah, blah with a control group blah, blah, blah. OK. Here we are. It was discovered that...