Baseball Prospectus ( It's been called "the nation's preeminent national-pastime think tank." $39.95 per year.

The Hardball Times ( Great daily news roundup, cool graphs, and high-domed sabermetrics analysis. Median relative run value, anyone?

Bleed Cubbie Blue ( Blogs abound for every MLB team, but this Chicago site is one of the best, written by a long-suffering fan with all the (sometimes anguished) passion the name implies.

Humbug Journal ( Off-the-wall site includes writer's search for the mean geographic center of all MLB ballparks (it's near Tuscumbia, Missouri) and some hilarious baseball limericks.

Retrosheet ( Dedicated to re-creating baseball's lost past, including play-by-play accounts of games dating back to 1903.

Major League Money
The ideal MLB owner loves the game, respects the players, and - oh, yeah - has more than a little discretionary income. Match the following owners with the careers that made them their piles. - C.T.

George Steinbrenner A. Former president and CEO,
New York Yankees Wal-Mart

Hiroshi Yamauchi B. Shipbuilding
Seattle Mariners

Rogers Communications C. Hedge fund operator
Toronto Blue Jays

David Glass D. President of Nintendo
Kansas City Royals

John Fisher E. Son of Gap founder
Oakland A's

John Henry F. Canada's largest
Boston Red Sox cable-TV provider

Answers: George Steinbrenner, B; Hiroshi Yamauchi, D; Rogers Communications, F; David Glass, A; John Fisher, E; John Henry, C.