The World According to VORP
All baseball fans know AVG, RBI, and ERA, but the game's new-wave stat heads say there are better ways to size up a player. According to Mike Carminati of Mike's Baseball Rants ( and Dayn Perry from, these are just a few. - Chris Tucker

A hitter's on-base percentage

Slugging average (total bases in proportion to times at bat)

On-base percentage plus slugging average

WHIP (for pitchers)
Walks plus hits per innings pitched

Win Shares
Weighs a player's batting, baserunning, fielding, and pitching together

Value over replacement player, or the value a player provides compared
with a hypothetically readily available "filler talent" type of player

Winner's Circle
We then asked Carminati and Perry to tell us which players they think are primed for a breakout season.

Jason Bay, left fielder for the Pittsburgh Pirates. "He'll finally have that monster season that gets him national attention, even in Pittsburgh."

Francisco Liriano, pitcher for the Minnesota Twins. "He'll be the American League Rookie of the Year."

And they agreed on some recent players who, if there were any justice, would now be in the Hall of Fame:
Bert Blyleven, Goose Gossage, Alan Trammell, and Andre Dawson

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