The 3-D craze has spread to fashion, and trust us, your style is going to be better for it. Basing its design on the principle that people are three-dimensional, body-hugging-denim company G-Star Raw Denim has created a line of edgy multidimensional jeans and jackets that fit in 3-D. Head designer Pierre Morisset, who intended to pursue architecture but ultimately decided to design clothes instead, pioneered the technology after finding a paradox in creating clothes on a flat plane for dynamic forms (i.e., people). Inspired by a rain-drenched motorcyclist whose clothes seemed to become like a second skin, Morisset (aka the Denim Surgeon) explains, “Humans are not flat. I have always been determined to renew the traditional flat design of jeans.”

To transform traditionally flat denim into 3-D, the material is sewn with a series of twisting seams, then stretched over mannequins. The fabric is then steamed and baked to hold a permanent multidimensional shape that results in a natural, second-skin feel. The collection comes in a range of colors from deep indigo to brights. It’s like Back to the Future for your jeans.